FunctionVIBE - Physical Therapy Tool for Clinics by TheraOffice

Functional Reporting

We certainly didn’t invent Functional Reporting, we just designed the applications to make compliance in your clinic easier.  Utilizing 18 of the most utilized functional outcome reporting tools, Functional Reporting will be as simple as handing a patient an iPad or Windows RT Device.

Functional Reporting Physical Therapy Applications

Functional Reporting Made Simple

FunctionVIBE is an amazing extension to the TheraOffice Platform that allows functional reporting to be performed easily and effectively with your patients.

Runs on iPad

Designed specifically for the iPad so implementing in your facility is easy with ease of use and mobility.

Runs on Windows 8

Windows 8 is perfect for the clinic to administer Functional Reporting. Simple for the patient to understand and complete surveys, easy for the therapist to review surveys and import into Documentation Module.

FunctionVIBE is designed...

to be used with TheraOffice Scheduling to alert the front desk when Functional Reporting is required. Simply hand the patient the mobile device and they can complete their survey.

Once the patient...

completes the tests, FunctionVIBE alerts the patient to return the mobile device back to the front desk or therapist. TheraOffice automatically grabs data from the test for the therapist to review and complete in TheraOffice Documentation.

Therapists can download...

scores to calculate the functional reporting codes. When the evaluation is complete, TheraOffice automatically adds the reporting scores to the system ready for submission.

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FunctionVIBE Physical Therapy Software by TheraOffice

FunctionVibe eliminates paper surveys and automatically scores functional outcome scores.