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The leadership team is aligned around offering software, services and solutions that enable our customers to improve their clinical processes, practices and financial performance.

Dan Morrill - CEO of TheraOffice

Dan Morrill PT, DPT – Co-Founder - CEO

Daniel Morrill is the Chief Executive Officer at Hands on Technology with over 14 years of experience in the field of physical therapy. Dan co-founded Hands on Technology with a simple goal: to create a fast, efficient, computerized documentation system that would decrease time in documenting patient encounters and notes to physicians. Since the original product TheraWriter PT was released in 2001, Hands on Technology has evolved the TheraWriter PT solution into what is known today as TheraOffice Practice Management System.

Ryan Havlick – CIO of TheraOffice

Ryan Havlick – Co–Founder – CTO and Vice President Development

Ryan co-founded Hands on Technology with a goal to create a rich user experience that takes advantage of the latest development and hardware technology for the rehabilitation market. During the initial design and planning of the original product, Ryan felt the importance of not only delivering the solution, but being available to support and listen to feature requests from our clients to further advance the software.

Bro Ballantine – CFO & COO of TheraOffice

Bro Ballantine – COO & CFO

Bro Ballantine is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Hands On Technology, Inc. and joined the leadership team in 2010. Bro has over 20 years of financial and operations leadership experience in a variety of middle market companies ranging in size from $20 Million up to several billion in sales. Bro’s experience spans public corporations, closely held private enterprises and private equity backed environments. Bro’s focus is on helping owners and businesses improve their financial performance, complete strategic transactions and optimize the use of capital through process improvement, fact based decision-making and leadership of high performance teams.

Tom Kero – Sales Director of TheraOffice

Tom Kero – Sales Director

Tom Kero's goal is to provide software that owners and businesses need to improve and grow in their rehabilitation market. He enjoys building relationships with customers and truly wants each to succeed in growing their practice. He sees himself as a resource to each client and always goes above and beyond to provide any product and service that is needed. He has the ambition to work with clients, large and small, well beyond their purchase to ensure the personal satisfaction of each one.

Tom has been with Hands On Technology since 2005. He believes in their products and services and is excited to show how Hands On Technology will respond to the ever changing field of electronic medical records and practice management in the future.

Mary Wirkus – Implementation Director for TheraOffice

Mary Wirkus – Implementation Director

Besides assisting clinic owners and hospital administrators with a smooth transition to EMR, Mary’s goal is to streamline efficiency within your practice and guide the team to improve and grow the practice. By evaluating each practice and assessing the needs, Mary is typically able to deliver a solution that will assist each owner to reach their goals. These goals are driven from her passion for the rehab industry and seeing firsthand what it can do for patients, thus, she takes her experience with each practice and hospital and is able to implement different procedures in a fashion that is proven helpful and successful.

Tony Vlahovic – Software Developer for TheraOffice

Tony Vlahovic – Software Developer

Tony Vlahovic joined the team at Hands On Technology Inc. in October 2007. Over the years, Tony has been involved in many different areas of the company including Customer Support and Professional Services, but has primarily been developing applications for both the Windows and iOS platforms. His expertise has been put to use across all the different products Hands On Technology has to offer, including the TheraOffice Suite and PracticeVIBE applications for Windows. He’s also taken the leap into developing apps for mobile devices, concentrating large amounts of time on apps like ScheduleVIBE, FunctionVIBE, and Documentation on the iOS platform. Tony is passionate about building applications that maximize the profits of clinics and allow users more time with patients instead of a computer screen. Tony is always looking to innovate and implement new technologies that make lives simple for users and keep the reputation that Hands On Technology is the cutting edge software provider for rehabilitation practices.

Tim Siefer – Account Management Lead for TheraOffice

Tim Siefer – Account Management Lead

Tim Siefer started out with Hands On Technology in August 2007, starting as Level 1 Technical Support Representative and took over the lead role a couple years later. Tim also spends his time training new employees, developing and writing custom reports, researching the changes to the technical aspect of the physical therapy landscape, as well as conducting and reviewing webinars. Through his years of experience in the technical support department, Tim believes that the success of our clients is directly linked to the success of the software, and instills that belief in the other support representatives, as well as using that belief to drive any changes to policy within the department.

Nick Austin – Product Manager for TheraOffice

Nick Austin – Product Manager

Working through various areas of the company since 2010, Nick Austin has developed strong relationships with TheraOffice users and believes in using that experience to deliver a quality product fitting customer needs and industry demands. The goal is a complex product delivering a simple user experience. Nick works with the development team to design and implement new applications and updates to the existing software. Nick also works as the head of the professional services department, seeing every customization request submitted to Hands On Technology, and as the resident go-to on all things Functional Limitation Reporting, PQRS, and ICD-10.