TheraOffice / Update

Today we released the .12 update for TheraOffice On-Site users, with the .12 update for Web following later this week. 2014 will be a year of many changes for TheraOffice – we have a bold plan for the changes required for ICD-10, and 1500 2/12 version along with new product releases and major product improvements. Below are the details of some of the new features and changes in the .12 update.

1500 – 2/12 Version

For the first update of 2014 we focused on the 1500 2/12 version. After downloading and installing the .12 update, the beta testing version of the 1500 1/12 version output map in both print image and electronic will be available in the Add-In manager in Administrator.  As soon it’s been fully tested with all clearinghouses and insurances, this add-in will be included as part of the application. Please review claims for accuracy prior to sending to the clearinghouse or insurance and also after they have been imported from the clearinghouse.

Because the 1500 2/12 will need some re-alignment for the new pink paper 1500 forms, we improved the batch output map designer for quicker adjustments.  Using the CTRL key and selecting will allow for multiple boxes to be selected and adjusted at once.  We’ve also included a test print button which will allow for test printing the batch output map without having to generate a batch each time.

PDF Import

In image notes there is now an option to import PDFs.  This feature had been in development for a previous update but didn’t get added due to licensing issues.

Schedule VIBE

We’ve had many requests to have Schedule VIBE run for TheraOffice On-Site however the IT requirements to setup servers, configure networking and secure them is fairly extensive.  We did add the ability for the Schedule VIBE app to run internally for TheraOffice On-Site users – meaning that if your iPhone or iPad has access to the Wi-Fi, then Schedule VIBE will work.  (It won’t work if using the cellular data plan outside the Wi-Fi).  This feature will require the TheraOffice Mobile Application Server to be installed which is also used for Function VIBE.  To work outside the Wi-Fi Schedule VIBE will work only for TheraOffice Web users.

Speed Enhancements

There are various speed enhancements most notably in the Co-Insurance estimation on appointment check-in.


Please check for updates and install them at login or through the Help menu and let us know if you have any questions.