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This morning we launched the .5 update to TheraOffice Web. Included in this update are many small feature additions and changes that had been requested. Below are some of the more notable changes and additions:

Connections Drop Down
For TheraOffice Web, we added a drop down box on the login screen that stores the Site IDs. Most clinics only have 1 Site ID, however if there are multiple it gets difficult to remember which Site ID goes to which clinic. This should make it much easier.

Print Services Integration With Navicure
As we build onto the integration with Navicure, we added the Print Services (patient statement printing) feature to Navicure. This feature allows for all statements to be uploaded to Navicure where they will print, fold and then mail the statement out to the patient.

Total Minutes In Documentation Designer
We’ve heard many people who’ve asked for the total minutes to be displayed, as they show on the suggested charges window, to be printed on the generated report in Documentation. We’ve added this feature, however it’s turned off by default.  It can be easily added to existing reports using the Documentation Designer.

Effective To and From Dates
While editing a case, we’ve added the effective ‘To’ and ‘From’ dates in the drop down box on the case insurance. This allows for the selection of the correct insurance if there are multiple policies.

Schedule & Case Users Can Access Administrator
In some scenarios, users that are of the type ‘Schedule & Case’ need access to TheraOffice Administrator. In Administrator when editing staff, there is now the option to check the checkbox for Administrator and Enterprise Manager to give the Schedule & Case user permissions to login to those modules.

Zip Code Lookup
We’ve added a small feature that when enabled in Administrator will allow when creating a new patient to have a lookup for City and State based off the entered zip code.

FOTO Integration
Currently in beta testing, the .5 update includes a deeper integration with FOTO. The integration was completely re-written from the ground up and allows for the scoring, and goals to be downloaded into TheraOffice Documentation. We’ll be continuing to add to this integration in the future but wanted to start to get some feedback from people who use FOTO and TheraOffice. Currently to start beta testing this integration some additional installation steps are required, so please contact us to help get it setup and running.

TheraOffice Web IT Infrastructure
One of the best things with TheraOffice Web is that it can be installed so easily without any advanced servers, or other hardware. Behind the scenes though, there is a lot of infrastructure that we’ve put in place to make it run. We’ve been working on some internal changes for faster disaster recovery, security and redundancy. Even though our uptime for TheraOffice Web was 99.9755% in 2015, we have room to improve. Some of these improvements are in the .5 update, however they should be transparent.


There are many other smaller changes and fixes included in the update, so please read the release notes.  If you have any questions please let us know.