TheraOffice .14 Update

We are pleased to announce the .14 update for TheraOffice Web and TheraOffice On-Site.  TheraOffice Web will be releasing today (9/9/2014), and we’ll be releasing the On-Site version on (9/15/2014).

After nearly a year of new product development, the focus of the .14 update was to improve user experience on features that are for the most part small but will end up making a big difference in day to day usage of TheraOffice.  Below are some of the more notable changes:


We’ve spent a lot of time on faxing this update.  We’ve not only added 2 new faxing services, but also added multiple facility faxing capabilities.

  • TheraOffice Fax – This service is hosted by Hands On Technology and automatically connects to TheraOffice through the TheraOffice Web Services platform.  It’s simple to get setup, affordable and HIPAA compliant.  TheraOffice Fax will work for both inbound and outbound faxing and provides a dedicated fax number just like other electronic faxing services.
  • InterFax – This service is another electronic faxing partner that provides dedicated inbound and outbound faxing with a BAA.  TheraOffice integrates to InterFax much like the other faxing partners and also allows for faxes to be sent and received through a web portal for faxes outside of TheraOffice.

The other new feature we added is allowing both TheraOffice Fax and InterFax to have multiple dedicated fax numbers which are then assigned to facilities.  When a fax is received by one of the fax numbers it will route into the inbound queue which is only visible for that facility and not to the entire company.

Both new faxing services allow for porting of existing numbers (other than MetroFax and MyFax), toll free numbers, and local numbers in most area codes.  If you are interested in signing up with either of the new services, please contact our sales department at: 866-562-8413 x 1.

Documentation Changes

  • Added the case hierarchy to the locked documents screen in Documentation in the Patient Navigator.  Some times when needing to quickly print or fax documents for a single case it would be difficult to know which documents were included in that case from that screen.
  • When adding a new scanned page to the image notes, the newest page will be inserted as the first page, and not the last page.  Typically we were finding users scan in an insurance card and then if the patient were to return they would scan in the newest insurance card.  The oldest would be first and the newest would be last.  This will now be flipped.

Accounting Changes

  • The partnership with Navicure continues to grow and we’ve added the claim auto upload feature after a claim has been outputted.
  • Added the ability to resize the batch output window so that more items can be visible when batching.  When the window is closed it will also save the size that it was opened at for the next use.
  • Added an export button on the Confirm Apply Payments window when applying a payment and then an export button to the toolbar of the Denial Organizer.  If Excel is installed then TheraOffice will auto launch and open the exported file.
  • On the Batch Output window, we added the facility column to the list of visits that can be selected along with the mark items combo box at the bottom to select items that are in that facility only.
  • When applying a payment for clinics with multiple disciplines sometimes payments can come back on the same visit date for the same amount and selecting which visit that payment was to be applied to was difficult.  To make this easier, we added in the ANSI 5010 claim file a tracer that will now come back in the ERA to auto select that visit correctly.
  • Backing up on the ERA application wizard from the Application of payment step to the Select Visits step was added.   Visits will now stay selected.
  • A new security group permission called: Visit Actions was added which prevents the insurance actions on the Visit window from being modified manually.

Scheduling Changes

  • Canceled and Rescheduled appointments now are hidden when the checkbox for Hiding Canceled Appointments checkbox is checked.
  • When editing an already checked in appointment, a new prompt will appear to prevent accidental editing of already checked in appointments.
  • On the Patient Navigator in Scheduling and in the Future Appointments window, we added the appointment type column to both screens.

Case Information Changes

  • On the drop downs for insurances in the case information window, we added the first name and last name of the insured.  This helps situations where the patient and the spouse have the same insurance and selecting the correct insurance is difficult to tell which one is selected.
  • The close button on the upper right corner of the case information window was removed to prevent accidently closing of the window when switching between screens.
  • Added a new feature to validate the diagnosis code when saving the case information window thus preventing incorrect diagnosis codes from being added and getting claims rejected.


Hopefully everyone will find a new change in the .14 update useful for them in their day to day use of TheraOffice.  To download the update, please click Yes when the software is first launched or click Help, then Check For Updates.  If you run into any problems or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.