0.9 Update Navigation Training

April 2, 2018

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Matt Iannacco

Hey everyone, it’s Matt with TheraOffice. Thanks for attending our TheraOffice webinar series. Today. We’re going to do a general run through of the newest version of TheraOffice therapist .9 followed up with a general Q&A. So as I’m going along taking you through the new version features, feel free to submit any questions that you have to the Q&A box and we will answer any and all of them that come through.

Getting started the first thing you’re going to notice when you’ve downloaded the newest version of TheraOffice is going to be that we have combined all the modules and do a single application. This has been a longtime feature requests from you guys and a goal of ours. So we’re happy to present it to you.

Now. The sign-in is completely the same just double-click the application.  putting your credentials. And sign in the onset users out there if any of you are getting this message, it’s just saying that you haven’t taken a backup in a while and it’s just advising you to do. So, if you guys have any questions about know if your backups are running or if they’re set up correctly, feel free to reach out to support and really gladly hop on your server and check things out if you’re fine.

Go ahead close out the message you’ll be signed in.

The next thing you’re going to notice about the new version is our newly revamped Clinic Navigator. We have introduced widgets into the newest. Widgets are going to be tools that are used to view essential data about your clinic and the ability to take immediate action. For instance. If you see if you want to see today’s schedule, you’ll have a widget over here from this widget.

What you can do is you can expand it. To get a full list of everyone on your schedule for today and then you can either open up that patient or check them in straight from here. If you do happen to check them in check and window will populate. Just like normal as if you were in the scheduling screen, you need to get out of the widget go ahead and just restore it and I’ll go back to your clinic Navigator.

We will be hosting a webinar specifically for widgets to dive into what each one does and some some customization and some setups that you can do for each user within your clinic and H different rule for now though. We’re just going to dive into General walkthrough. Now since we have combined every module into a single application, we had to have a way to be able to navigate into each one and kind of have a backbone.

So what we created was the backstage menu, your backstage menu is going to be located in the top left corner here and this golden little box if you click that backstage menu, it will open up. And you’re going to see a tab for each of the different modules and the tools within them to start. It’s going to be this open tab from here.

You’re going to be able to open your schedule open the report viewer the Enterprise Manager if you’re using a TheraOffice fax integration will be able to view your inbound queue and then if you need to manage and take you can use your intake validator.  Next up is going to be our scheduling tab.

This is where you’ll also be able to open the schedule and. You’ll also be able to manage your resources resource groups and appointment types and then adjust and tweak any of your schedule options or settings. Of course, just like the other the previous versions schedule you will be able to.  build the Emmys and print patients exercise flow sheets out of here.

Next tab down is going to be our documentation module. This is where you’ll be able to access the document designer and then for providers out there. This is where you’ll add in or adjust any of your home exercises protocols treatments or any treatment progression. So you have within the system.

Accounting is going to be the next one down. This will contain all of your favorite accounting tools such as the batch manager. If you need to send insurance claims out payments. If you need to add any insurance payments or patient payments in as far as sending statements out, you’ll be using your patient going manager invoice manager and then collections manager.

You’ll also be able to build out Jimmy’s from here and then track any of your aging using these billing tools the insurance aging patient statement aging and invoice aging if you ever happen to need to adjust your output Maps or get a rejection and you need to adjust them. You’ll also be able to add batch checks and edit your batch upload maps and batch output settings from within the accounting tab.

Below that’s going to be your administrator tab for Clinic admins and office managers out there. You don’t have to worry about any of your users who don’t normally have probably privileges to get into admin. You don’t have to worry about them getting in here because all of your security groups and settings and privileges will all be the same.

So if a user doesn’t have permission, they won’t even see this tab. They won’t have access to. But within the administrator tab, this is where you’re going to be able to add facilities and edit them adjust your license or renew your license check for new updates at staff members adjust their security groups track history within the system to the system log for onset users.

This is Rio be able to monitor your database health. And then tweak any of your auto task task alerts and vitals. If you’re using an integration, you’ll be able to adjust the settings to the application options. And then I know one feature that I got a lot of clinics excited was the new patient icons that we’ve added into the system if you click this patient icons,  Tab there and then go up to add icon and drop the icon down.

You’ll be able to see all the new icons we’ve added into the system. Pretty much have one for every scenario. So feel free to come in here and get creative with the patient icons we’ve added.

Below that if you need to sync up your iPad’s for any of the mobile applications, you can do that with in here. And if you ever need to move any of your lock data from case to case you’ll also be able to do that from here to one of the things within the administrator tab is you will be able to access each different.

And the tools that have within them through the administrator tab to that’ll all be listed below here. The next tab below administrator is going to be your manage tab similar to the previous versions manage data section. This is where you will add CPT code CPC checks and the employers insurance has payers payment time positions and adjust any of your fee schedules within this tab to.

Last one here is going to be our help tab. This is where you’ll find the training center and the help manual and then request Live tech support if need be.  Heading back now to the clinic Navigator just a little bit about the clinic Navigator and how to customize it. It’s all going to be tied to your user Security Group.

So if we do go to the backstage menu administrator. And then Clinic Navigator designer right here.  You’ll see every security group that you have within the system will be listed here in order to adjust the security group simply click this box to unlock them and then you’ll be able to come up here to customize.

Where you will be able to add and take out any widget that you’d like and then from here, you’ll also be able to move around shrink make taller make wider, whatever you’d like. Whatever widget once you’re done hit save and you’ll close out now. If you do leave that Security Group unlocked, you will have this customize button lit up in red allowing you to move around your widgets and customize them straight from the clinic.

We made the option of locking down the security groups just because some office at managers and Clinic Edmonds. Just kind of want to have a more secure setting and don’t want their users, you know messing around but we will get into that with our widget webinar. Hey more into the navigation of the new software up here.

You will see this top left Hub where each of those modules will also be contained going into these. This is where you’ll open your schedule. So if you click scheduling here and choose your facility, it will open the schedule for you. It’s going to be very familiar and very similar to the previous version right clicking on a resource will allow you to create the appointment you’re looking for.

So if you’re looking for our patient

will choose the patient will choose the case, which is the resource and then the appointment type put a name notes or use the waitlist if you need to and press ok. And that will set the appointment to wherever we put it and if you need to check a patient in you can right click and you can check them in one of the features we did add is the ability to open the patient Navigator straight from the screen.

We’re not going to dive in there yet. But we’re thinking you guys are going to like what we’ve we’ve done another feature we have added is this appointment types view down here? What this is going to allow you to do is View kind of have an index of every appointment type in the system and all the different colors.

We’ve seen that some clinics have you know, tons of different appointment types using, you know, every color in the rainbow. So we just wanted to add this feature for the front office staff out there to recognize and be able to find out which appointment type is which on the Fly. And back now to the clinic Navigator if we open up our documentation tab here will have two tools in here one being your document organizers is going to be any patients that have been checked in but the note has not been started yet.

It’s going to default to the provider that is signed in but if you do want to switch between providers you can do so. Yo, chill is going to be our unlock documents. This is going to be any note that has been started but has not been locked yet. Again. It’s going to default to the provider that signed in but feel free to switch in between each one.

Below that’s going to be our accounting module. All of your favorite accounting counting tools will be in here very familiar very similar to the previous version. And if you click this more button, it will bring you to the backstage menu where you can get the full menu of accounting tools that you have access to.

Below that’s going to be our reporting tab. Got a couple features in here everything you guys are going to like, so we’re going to head into the report viewer. The first one you’re going to notice. Is this screen right here. It’s a pretty generation screen. So if we do click a report instead of going in and putting in criteria and filling it out and then generating it and finding out it’s not the report you want.

You can click on the report and it will show you kind of a description a pre generation of all the tables and columns that will generate on this report. That way you can look at it and see what you’re what you’re going to get before you generate. If you are loving a report and don’t feel like scrolling and searching for it every time you can click it and hit add to favorites what that guy’s going to do is it’s going to pull it up here in your favorites box.

That way you can come here and you can store all your favorite reports up here. That way you can quickly find them and generate them on the Fly. Back now to the clinic Navigator over to the inbound Q again. If you are using a TheraOffice fax integration, feel free to stop by the inbound queue to see all of your outbound and inbound faxing statuses and you will still be able to move all of your inbound faxes over to patients accounts as image notes from the screen, too.

Again, customize buttons can allow you to customize the widgets screen as long as the security group is unlocked. If you need to refresh the clinic navigator at all, feel free to do so using this button and then the searches will be located here. Your Searchers are going to be list of. Patience kind of many report of patients that might need a little more attention.

Some of these will also be tied to some of your alerts such as your prescription alert your turn to position your financial cap and your authorization from here. You can print this report or you can dive straight into the patient open up their case and do a little more investigating and adjust anything that you need.

Over to the top right over here, you’ll notice a similar Hub as the left hand side. We did that because depending on what side of the screen you’re on. All we want you to do is go to the top and you’ll be able to get to wherever you need to go again. If you’re on the left side just go to the top or if you’re on the right side go to the top and you’ll be able to navigate the system very smoothly.

Creating patients is very similar to the previous version. Just click new patient any required information in the patient information screen scan, and any images create their case at any information you need to into there and then you can start scheduling them and checking that meant and right in their notes.

New feature we added to the search. Option is going to be you can either search for patient via their last name or you can also search for them for their ID number. Either way. It’s going to pull up the patient. However, if your search does not yield any results the advanced search option will populate we’re in which you can search for the patient you’re looking for and open them up.

So we’re going to Dive Right In now to the new patient Navigator. Since we combined all the modules, you will be using this lower slide down here to Traverse through each different patient Navigator. So instead of signing into each module, you’re just going to use these tabs down here to go in between each one.

Start with the scheduling tab is going to be a basic screen with the case and Vital Information over there are two different views where you can come up here to other View and see the appointment summary what this is going to do. It’s going to show you every every visit the status of the visit the resource that I visit was.

Scheduled under the time and the appointment type so you can see whether they are checked in canceled. No show anything like that. The next thing you can do over here in the right side is get a calendar view of every day that that patient was scheduled on and the green will be marked with whether or not they were checked in and then up here.

You can filter it by discipline. The other view we have is the appointment details view.  It’s going to be very similar to the appointment summary. It’s going to show you the date whether they are checked in the resource the type but this will also show you whether a copay or coinsurance was do if they paid it or not.

And then also if an authorization or prescription was linked to that appointment, so if you ever need to investigate whether or not an appointment was linked to an authorization, feel free to use this screen. And then take action if you need to.  Heading over to the documentation tab now.  We’re going to see.

your default view is going to be the full chart that’s going to be every note locked or unlocked along with appointment types image notes Flex notes anything like that over on the side here is going to be a pie and. Graph to show you kind of the goals for that patient and then they’re functional testing.

It will be updated after every lock note if you had adjusted those and you can also filter them by discipline here.  Next over is going to be our document organizer tab. So be any appointment that has been checked in but the note hasn’t been started yet. And the other side is going to be are locked documents to show you any report that has been generated.

If you click on the report, you will get a little preview of that report. If you need to send them out, feel free to just click them it printer fax and be able to send those out to you and you Physicians or anyone that’s requesting the information. Heading over to the accounting tab. Now. Your default view is going to be the full chart.

It’s going to be any visit with a balance or a that sound hold whether it’s been checked in submitted completed. It’s all going to show up here. If you want to see just visit with a balance you can do with balance and I’ll show you every visit with a balance or if you can apply payments to patients on applied will be here and you can apply them to each visit on the right side over here is going to be a pie chart and a bar graph showing an overview of that patients balance.

What’s been written off what’s been paid? And then the lower arms going to be each visit date what’s been paid what’s been written off? Next tab over is going to be your tasks. This is where yield see task specific to this patient. If you click here you will be able to go into the task or you can write a note complete it change who it’s assigned to or and even change the patient if need to you can also add task a task and disable auto tasks from the screen and complete the task from here.

Next over is going to be our history tab. This is going to be kind of like a system logged but it’s been a going to be specific to this patient. If you do need to add your own notes whether you know, you had a call with the patient. You need a log that go up here to New item and you can log a note in here saying, you know, you called the patient they canceled anything you need to add to the history log.

That’s going to wrap up the patient Navigator heading back now. So with the newest version of therapist .9. We have kind of come out with a new way to implement the new version into your clinic. That being said we’re going to head now to the backstage menu and the administrator Tab and over 2D update Manager.

So with the newest version We you do now have the ability to either load the new version on a single computer or every computer within your clinic. We understand that it takes time to become familiar with the new versions layout and the new features that have been added. So feel free to put it on a computer have people come over and train on it or get familiar and then when you’re ready, What I advise all Clinic admins and office managers to do is to come to the update Manager.

ER and subscribe to this step one. What’s that? What that’s going to do is going to allow us to push emails out to you and tell you when. New versions are new features have come out for TheraOffice. That way you can download them using step two. You can get familiar with them. You can train your staff on them.

And then when you’re ready, you can approve the update for the entire Clinic. If you’re using more of a closed Network, you can choose whether to pull those updates from our servers and the technology or you can Stow or that update file on a local network and download it straight from there.

Her last stop today is going to be our help tab. We will be loading a recorded webinars on to our training center along with TheraOffice. 9 guides under our help manual and again, feel free to stop by the law. If you need Live support, feel free to request in one of our support agents will get connected with you and help you hear anything you need assistance with we’re going to wrap it up for today, but feel free to stop by.

If you do have any questions or you just want to get another review, we will be hosting these webinars every day at 1:00 p.m. I’m going to again feel free to check out the training center. If you do ever need any support or assistance, feel free to contact TheraOffice tech support at six three zero four five.

Five one eight, six three extension to have a great day guys, and I’ll talk to you next time.


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