Action Required for MIPS Claims Submittors

Don't forget to opt in...

              Are you planning on submitting MIPS via claims this year? If your clinic matches the below criteria, you will potentially need to take action before March 30, 2020.

  • Submitted MIPS data via claims for the 2019 Reporting year.
  • Individual providers you submitted for were NOT required to do so.

              If the above is true AND you are looking to receive a payment adjustment for your MIPS data, you MUST opt-in to the program through QPP’s website.  A complete guide on the opt-in process can be found here. While there, we also strongly recommend making your improvement activity attestations. Videos on the opt-in process and IA attestations are also available from QPP.

              For all TheraOffice Registry customers, the above is already taken care of through our submission process. To sign up for the TheraOffice Registry for 2020, please visit our website.

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