Compliance doesn't have
to be a scary word.

TheraOffice has quite a few features to improve your facility’s overall compliance. From reminders and alerts to quick discharge notes, TheraOffice has everything you need to make sure that your clinical staff is following the rules and regulations of today’s ever-changing healthcare industry.


  • Visit Reminders
  • Plan of Care Tracking
  • Functional Reporting Reminders
  • Automatic Modifier Additions


  • Medical necessity is a moving target. Everyone seems to have their own definitions, from patients to insurance carriers, medical necessity seems to be defined in the moment. TheraOffice allows for very specific templates based on diagnosis and treatment plan which puts efficiency and productivity at the forefront.

Integrated Goals
on Each Note

  • Making sure the patient and therapist are on the same page is vital to optimal care. In TheraOffice, it is simple to share goals and progress to assist with achieving maximum improvement. The therapist-to-patient relationship is what TheraOffice revolves around.

Experience an entirely new innovation within the rehabilitation space.

Compliant. Easy to Implement. Unparalleled Support.

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