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Hands on Technology utilizes a state-of-the-art data center with multiple facilities around the United States. The architecture of TheraOffice Web allows for the highest level of redundancy, scalability, and security that is currently available. TheraOffice was built to become a HIPAA-compliant solution to protect our clients. Next, we engineered a highly-redundant, scalable, and fast server system to accommodate all users.


Web Stats

1 %
2017 Uptime

(Including all server maintenance.)

1 %
Lifetime Uptime

(Including all server maintenance.)

Web Software Overview

Locally Installed Client

TheraOffice’s web client is installed locally. The Microsoft client is encrypted and requires an internet connection. The overall application is faster and more robust than a browser-based system.

Encrypted Traffic

All traffic is encrypted utilizing 2048-bit SSL Certificate.


Data is stored on server with redundant power and Ethernet. Enterprise hard drives are built in a RAID configuration for performance and data integrity. Data is separated and segmented by clients. 

Data Backup

Database backups are performed hourly and retained onsite. Incremental off-site database backups are performed several times daily. Both on-site and off-site backups are encrypted with AES 256 encryption and retained for two weeks. Backup are routinely tested for errors and their ability to restore. 

Disaster Recovery

Multiple data centers located across the U.S. and can be brought online in a matter of a few hours in the event of a catastrophic data center failure or natural disaster. Data is transferred over a high-speed, secure VPN direct connection.

SmarT Routing Capabilities

TheraOffice requires an internet connection to operate. However, we have the capabilities to re-route internet traffic to other networks in the case of partial outages in a geographic region. This is seamless to the end user as they continue on their day. 

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