TheraOffice Fax


One of our most popular integrations is our e-faxing service, TheraOffice Fax. This integration allows customers to send and receive faxes directly in TheraOffice via the inbound queue.

For direct inquiries, contact our sales department at (866) 562-8413 ext. 1 or [email protected]

Simple process

Inbound faxes arrive in the inbound queue, where they can be viewed or moved directly into a patient’s file. No scanning necessary! You can also use faxes to create tasks to make sure your clinic stays up to date on your to-do list.

Quick distribution

Sending faxes is even easier—simply choose "fax" on any of your documents and fill out the intended recipient. Faxes send directly through TheraOffice, without any clunky fax machines or extra steps.

Usage-based pricing

TheraOffice Fax is charged quarterly but is priced in monthly tiers based on the number of pages your clinic sends and receives.

Your fax number,
your way

You have the option to use an area code local to your area or a toll-free number. If you prefer, we may also be able to port your previous fax number or use a mask, which will allow you to send e-faxing in TheraOffice and to receive faxes without changing your previous fax-received workflow.

Port when possible

If your clinic has an existing fax line with a number you would like to retain, this is sometimes possible through a process called porting. When a number is ported, TheraOffice Fax purchases that fax number from the previous carrier on your behalf. Since the number is now an e-fax number, faxes will run entirely through TheraOffice fax and will no longer go through the analog fax machine at all.

Stress-free masking

Set up a toll-free number with masking. In this situation, the customer purchases a toll-free number and we “mask” it, meaning we cover the number it was sent from when faxes go out with their old number.