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Five Reasons Why Our Customers Love TheraOffice 

With more than 10,000 users nationwide and a 99% satisfaction rate, it’s no secret why our customers love TheraOffice 

1. Above and Beyond Service: “Speed, skill, and fun. These people are my heroes; I mean it. It lets me get back to patient care quickly and efficiently.”  

2. Customer-Driven Features: “We are so happy with our decision to go with TheraOffice.  Our staff is happy with the constantly evolving software, and we feel like we really have a part in shaping TheraOffice to keep improving and becoming what we need.” 

3. Safety and Security: “I appreciate TheraOfficefor recognizing an odd sign-in location and contacting me for clarity and safety.”  

4. Human Support: Its nice to have the name and number of an actual person who is familiar with my account.”  

5. Continuous Updates: “I am really impressed with the work [TheraOffice] has put into everythinggetting the billing rules in place and disseminating that information. You have the right team in place to make things happen!