for hospitals.

Hospital systems have very complex needs. We have found that a majority of rehabilitation professionals have a hard time adapting large hospital systems to the unique needs of our industry. Our solution is to work with large vendors and create a cost-effective solution that works seamlessly through HL7 interfacing or other interoperability technologies. TheraOffice hospital PT software is much more agile than larger vendors when it comes to rehabilitation-specific compliance and regulation, which translates to less time and money customizing their enterprise systems to meet the needs of rehabilitation. It is the best of both worlds.

Integrate seamlessly into Enterprise systems

Flexible Interoperability

Interoperability is the key to a central patient history to improve care. TheraOffice has been working with multiple systems over the years to improve communication between platforms. For example, our Locked Document Exporter can send specific documents (Plan of Care, Progress Note, etc.) to a location in another system with or without HL7 messaging. This allows more flexibility in design and deployment.​​

HL7 Messaging

TheraOffice is fully compliant with HL7 messaging. Many of our larger installations that require TheraOffice to send and receive data utilize our HL7 engine to achieve success. We build all of our interfaces in-house, which allows adjustments as necessary to achieve optimal results.

Deployment Options

TheraOffice works well with large institutions and hospitals that have different needs. Our on-site version is available for clients that want to house their own data while our web version is perfect for clients that want to leverage cloud infrastructure with a trusted partner. Our data centers are SOC2 certified. We even designed our web infrastructure to have no down time during updates, which makes TheraOffice consistently available for your staff to utilize.

Simple to Use,
Single Sign-On

TheraOffice is easy to administer at enterprise facilities with advanced security features controlled by administration. User permissions allow for group security settings to speed up the process of granting user access.

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