Medium and Large Practices

Medium and Large Practices

Medium and large clinics
have unique needs.

Medium and large clinics typically require a management layer to make sure that the train is on the track and moving towards organizational goals. TheraOffice software for large clinics allows owners and administrators to scale their business with enhanced controls and better visualization of their business. Therapists are still in control of their templates and customizations, however, TheraOffice can be set up to make sure that compliance, regulations, and best practices are being followed.

of your practice

Maintaining Compliance

Compliance can be improved with technology. Quite often, audits find simple mistakes that lead to larger issues in documentation. TheraOffice has an infinite number of templates, alerts, and tasks that can help keep everyone on the same compliance page.​

Management and Controls

The theme comes with built in Power visual page builder. It’s a features rich back-end visual page composer helping to create various page layouts in a blink of an eye. Besides that you can save pre-built page layouts in templates and reuse them at other pages.​

Managing Growth

More employees, new locations, more patient traffic. All are obvious signs of positive growth. However, they need to be efficiently managed. TheraOffice has specific functionality for owners and admins to help monitor key data to make sure the path towards company goals is clear. You can also save your favorite reports to make sure they are always one click away.​


TheraOffice offers two ways to deploy the software: web-based or on-site. The usage and functionality of the products are almost identical but the technology behind our web version makes TheraOffice software for large clinics quite unique. TheraOffice is a purely web-developed product. We do not use remote hosting, we use a proprietary technology that allows us to create a web-enabled application. You will find less scrolling and more ability to customize within our application than a typical browser-based system. Overall, you will get the same, rich user experience on both platforms, which is a consistency that we are passionate about.

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