MIPS Improvement Activities

DISCLAIMER: The following information is only relevant for clinics participating in MIPS. If you do not participate in MIPS, please feel free to disregard.

Here's a quick refresher!

As part of MIPS participation, improvement activities need to be performed for 90 continuous days during the 2019 reporting year.

What are improvement activities?

  • Various activities that can be performed by clinics with the hope of making improvements to their processes through ways such as ongoing care, patient and clinician shared decision making, safety practices, and expanding access.

How many improvement activities do I need to submit?

  • Improvement activities requirements can change if your clinic is granted a special designation. You can check your designation here.
    • Practices with a Special Designation are required to submit:
      • 1 High-Weighted Activity OR
      • 2 Medium-Weighted Activities
    • All other practices are required to submit:
      • 2 High-Weighted Activities OR
      • 1 High-Weighted Activities & 2 Medium Weighted Activities OR
      • 4 Medium-Weighted Activities

What improvement activities can I submit?

  • QPP has 118 improvement activities, which can be viewed here.
  • You should choose activities that best fit your clinic and are able to be completed for a 90-day period this year.
  • Here are some activities you may want to consider:
    • Promote use of patient-reported outcome tools
      • Activity ID: IA_AHE_3
      • Hight activity weighting
    • Collection and follow-up on patient experience and satisfaction data on beneficiary engagement
      • Activity ID: IA_BE_6
      • Hight activity weighting
    • Implementation of fall screening and assessment programs*
      • Activity ID: IA_PSPA_21
      • Medium activity weighting
    • Implementation of practices/processes for developing regular individual care plans
      • Activity ID: IA_CC_9
      • Medium activity weighting
    •  *If you do not utilize the Falls measures, we recommend reviewing the full list of Improvement activities here.

How do I submit?

  • TheraOffice Registry Customers: You will be able to attest to performing the improvement activities through TheraOffice directly (more information on this later).
  • Claims Submission Customers: You are required to attest through QPP.
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