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Daniel Morrill, PT, DPT is the CEO and co-founder of Hands on Technology. Early in Dan’s career, he was called on to be an expert witness in an injury case. Long story short, Dan needed to review his handwritten notes using faxed copies of the originals to answer questions during court. Court went well, the patient won the case, and Dan decided there had to be a better way to document and track patient care. There were a few products on the market already. However, they all seemed to be cookie cutter in nature, and Dan worked with complex spine patients.

After a short time trying to learn how to program, Dan was introduced to Ryan, and they set out on a journey to develop their first product, TheraWriter.PT, which then evolved into TheraOffice. Together they have been able to introduce features that have undoubtedly made an impact on clinical documentation. They have also been able to build a single platform that completes the EMR and practice management needs of rehabilitation practices.

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Dedicated to Rehab

Quite a few staff members at Hands on Technology have had personal experience in physical therapy their during their athletic careers and everyday health.

Collaborative Environment

Open workplace has allowed our staff to work together to solve problems and create solutions.

Great Staff

Contagious energy empowers our staff to think outside the box and deliver software that improves practices.

Experience an entirely new innovation within the rehabilitation space.

Compliant. Easy to Implement. Unparalleled Support.

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