2020 Medicare Compliance: Patient MBIs

Make sure your clinic
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              Announced in 2017, Medicare is transitioning from their old SSN-based HICN numbers to their new Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers, or MBIs. These new MBI numbers started appearing on Insurance ID cards in 2018 and have since been acceptable on all Medicare claims. As of January 1st, 2020, the transition period ends and the old HICN numbers will no longer be accepted. Any claims submitted after 1/1/2020 with the old HICN number will be denied, regardless of the date of service on that claim. If you are concerned about some lingering patients with outdated information, TheraOffice can help. 

A new report called “2020 Update to Medicare Insured IDs” is now available. Running this report will give you a list of Medicare patients with an ID that requires an update. The report also supplies enough information so that a staff member can open your local MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractor) web portal and successfully request the new MBI through an available lookup tool. Web customers already have this report available within Report Viewer, while on-site customers must download the report as an add-in from Administrator’s Add In Manager.

Our goal at TheraOffice is to always provide customers with the necessary tools to maintain full compliance within today’s ever-changing healthcare industry. It’s something we take immense pride in as your clinic’s success is always our top priority. If you have any additional questions or concerns on this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly so we can ease your mind.

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