Patient Portal

Patient Intake Made Simple

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How will the portal help my clinic?​

Increase your staff’s efficiency

Reduce data entry and save time for your front desk staff and providers alike. The TheraOffice Patient Portal can drastically reduce the time your staff spends filling out patient demographics and questions in your initial evaluations. When you spend less time entering information, you have more time to engage with your patients.

Reduce wait time for patients

Using the TheraOffice Patient Portal, your patients can fill out their own intake paperwork anywhere with an internet connection—including from the comfort of their own homes! This decreases the time they spend in your waiting room and the frustration of paperwork, resulting in more satisfied patients and an improved intake experience.

Fully-integrated intake process

Data entry no more—the TheraOffice Patient Portal takes the work out of transferring intake information from paper forms or other apps. Our portal allows you to eliminate wasted time and turns time-consuming paperwork into a few clicks by directly importing your patients’ information into their TheraOffice files.

Secure and HIPAA-compliant

Your patients’ security is paramount to the TheraOffice Patient Portal. We utilize several layers of protection to keep your data safe, from encryption to brute force detection and a secure firewall.


The TheraOffice Patient Portal is good for your practice and for the earth. This fully-electronic intake system will help you to eliminate pages of waste from your clinic and take a leap toward sustainability while cutting down your trips to the office supply store.

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