Spring Software Update


Our brand-new, all-in-one application fuses all of our previously separate modules together to form a cohesive, fully-integrated platform.

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Streamline your workflow with
one single application

One login

No more signing in and out of multiple modules. Access every feature TheraOffice has to offer within a single, unified application.

Revamped clinic navigator

With our new dashboard-style clinic navigator, users will be able to view essential data that drives their daily clinical workflow and take immediate, on-the-spot action if needed.

Simplify your searches

Our brand-new search functionality allows you to instantaneously populate patient accounts by typing their last name or patient ID.

Introduction of widgets

With vital information at your fingertips, widgets give you clear and concise snapshots of your clinic's health and allow you to interact with data in real time like never before.

Favorite and preview reports

Compile a list of your most used reports for quick and easy access without wasting time scrolling. View preview screens of each report in order to find exactly what you're looking for.

Automatic 59 modifiers

With our new Charge Check Exceptions feature, 59 modifiers will automatically populate onto the correct charges that require them.

Need some training?

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