Start-Up Practices

Start-Up Practices

“The best day of my physical therapy career was opening my first practice.”

– Daniel J. Morrill, DPT, Co-Founder of Hands on Technology

your new
clinic with
and ease

Do Your Homework

Choosing a Practice Management and EMR system can be the most daunting of tasks. There are so many to choose from with all sorts of different price points and so many different features. Our best advice is to make a list of features you absolutely need for your business and prioritize that list.

Ask Questions

Over 18 years, we have either seen it and fixed it, or we know the right resources in the industry to help. During implementation, we will exhaust all of our resources to make sure that you are confidently ready to launch your business with TheraOffice.

We Love Our Small Clinics

We have a special soft spot for new clinics. They make us feel great about the growth of the rehabilitation industry. TheraOffice small clinic software can help ease the stress of opening the doors for the first time. Speak to our sales staff about deferred payments until the clinic is up and running.

Consultants at
Your Side

TheraOffice understands clinics where owners and staff are required to wear multiple hats. TheraOffice can assist with the heavy lifting to allow the focus to be on treating patients and growing the practice. Fast, compliant documentation coupled with streamlined insurance and patient billing will help kick-start the journey.

Experience an entirely new small clinic software in the rehab space.

Compliant. Easy to Implement. Unparalleled Support.

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