Patient Accounting Helping
You Bill Faster, Get Paid Faster

Improve the billing process and realize revenue faster.

TheraOffice is designed based on the best practice processes from high-performing rehabilitation clinics that excel at management and efficiency of the revenue cycle. TheraOffice improves the process from initial inputting of patient information all the way to sending patient statements. TheraOffice also extends the revenue collection to the front desk with copay and coinsurance. TheraOffice Accounting was built on the fundamental concept that positive cash flow is a necessity to business growth and success.

Making the billing process repeatable, efficient, and complete.

TheraOffice Accounting creates a streamlined process for getting claims submitted and paid as efficiently as possible. Charges are automatically generated when a therapist locks a note. Charges are then checked for CCI edits and CPT checks before being batched for the clearinghouse. Professional and institutional claims can easily be generated from TheraOffice.


  • Full Patient Accounting
  • Copay and Coinsurance Calculators
  • Simple AR Management Tools
  • Patient Statements and Ledgers


  • Claim Check with CCI Edits
  • Batch Checks with Customizable Rules
  • Alerts and Routable Tasks
  • Comprehensive Intake Process

Claim Formats

  • Institutional and Professional Claims
  • Verification of Benefits
  • ERA Payment Application
  • UB04, ANSI, Print Image 1500 Claim Files

Resource Sharing
and Optimization

Once claims are sent to carriers, comprehensive billing tools will break down the insurance claims by aging to show what is outstanding and help resubmit denied claims. TheraOffice will also alert you if you are not receiving payments as quickly as you should based on previous reimbursement. Once paid, automatic payment posting (ERAs) can be applied in a few seconds. Remaining balances can be forwarded to secondary insurances or dropped to patient statements with the click of a button.


Great software is all about the user experience. TheraOffice allows users to manage claims from start to finish while keeping a close eye on trends in account receivables. Cash flow drives today’s rehabilitation business; TheraOffice is designed to improve cash flow and the revenue cycle management.

The most adaptable EMR in the rehabilitation space.

Compliant. Easy to Implement. Unparalleled Support.

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