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Do More with a Single Product

We understand the true drivers
for your business.

At TheraOffice, we believe that there are many drivers for business success and each clinic has their own equations to help set goals. TheraOffice is a physical therapy practice software that was designed to be flexible and central to the processes that you use to evaluate your success. You have the choice of On-Site versus Web software. You can create completely customizable evaluation navigation and templates. We think TheraOffice users can achieve documentation time of around 5-7 minutes for an initial evaluation and around 1-2 minutes for daily notes.

One single software deployed on-site or in the cloud just makes the most sense.

We have heard the arguments, but isn't one single data source a simpler way to run your company? Imagine all the data you need with a single username and password. TheraOffice is working towards the automation of your practice, so you can focus on what you feel is important.

Experience an entirely new innovation within the rehabilitation space.

Compliant. Easy to Implement. Unparalleled Support.

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