TheraOffice Patient Portal Walkthrough

August 27, 2019

Hosted By:

Hope Matheson

Good afternoon everybody and welcome to our patient portal walkthrough webinar. We’re excited to see that you’re all here today. My name is Hope and I’m the training and Communications lead here at hands on technology. I’m here with my colleague Nick Austin the director of product management and everyone’s favorite webinar personality for the next 45 minutes or so

We’re thrilled to have an opportunity to talk to you about our brand new tool for your clinics in take that there are office patient portal. Without further Ado. I’m going to turn this over to Nick and we’re going to get started. Thanks. Hope hey, everyone I am. Very excited to be here today with hope to introduce our new patient portal if you attend our webinars regularly, you probably have gotten used to hearing my voice and now approaching my 10th year here at hands on technology

And as I went through the attendee list this morning, I noticed a few names that have been with us for just as long a few in particular even attended our first user conference back in 2014 at the infamous Hamburger University. Was back during that conference that I hosted a few classes on the importance of a good intake how we could use TheraOffice reporting to develop an intake that pulls information from TheraOffice and populates it automatically for you

It was paper, but it was an improvement to a critical process that process remains as critical today as it was back then. A successful intakes of everyone else in your company up for Success. Your therapist can hit the ground running with their patients. The billers can Ensure High first pass rate on their claims without a good intake everything else falls apart

Today, I’m happy to introduce the next step to that intake going fully paperless through our patient portal intake. I’ll start out by introducing some Concepts and our approach to the patient portal and why our Focus was on that intake process then opens going to walk everyone through a demo of the portal taking you step-by-step through the intake process

She will then go through the sign up process and I’ll wrap up with implementation pricing and a timeline for the next few months. We should have plenty of time for questions. So please get them submitted as we go through the webinar and we’ll do our best to address them at the end

Throughout the development process. We know that for this to work. We had to bring the whole thing paperless – this means accounting for a lot of different scenarios when we’re going through the demo today. Please try to keep your own intake process in mind and how it would fit into this product. We want to make sure that all of the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted

A traditional paper intake in TheraOffice would involve giving a blank form to patients to fill out or for return patients generated intake with information from Tio.  Those would get filled out and then someone from your staff would have to plug that information back into TheraOffice. It wasn’t efficient for your staff and it wasn’t appealing to your patients

And the worst would be when a new patient for your new patient doesn’t show up early for their appointment and now your schedule gets thrown off for the whole day. You tried to tell them the importance of showing up early on the first visit. But here you are. We know the frustrations and the stem from a need to extend the intake process to patients wherever they are and whenever it is convenient

For them to complete the intake now with the portal you can simply invite the patient to complete their intake online. They register and fill out all the forms online then and this is my favorite part that information can be mapped into TheraOffice completing the specific Fields. You need filled out for the rest of your clinic to operate successfully

The advantages of an online intake are clear. A fully integrated paperless process will reduce your staff time on every patient this helps from both the front desk side, but also for the provider.  limiting documentation time is a challenge that will always exist providers are always looking for ways to make growing documentation requirements less painful having your patients complete their subjective section for you would go a long way to do that

No one likes transcribing data, not only because it takes so much time but also because human error exists since us errors are made these errors can cause billing problems or worse yet treatment problems. Then there is meeting the demand of the patient to address their intake from home. Let’s be honest

If you have the choice between completing your intake in a crowded waiting room or while lounging in your pajamas in your living room. We are all making the same decision here pajamas always win always the universal trip and lastly this gives your clinic an opportunity to truly go paperless keeping everything electronic interest better consistency and less mistakes across the board

Talking about advantages. I think most of you in attendance already know each of these points. For this reason, I wanted to take a deeper dive on the efficiency piece. Hopefully tell you something you don’t know. Utilizing some web data in combination with some internal testing. We’ve estimated the average paper intake takes roughly three minutes from the scheduling side and six minutes from the documentation side, if you were entering that information into the documentation, so it carries over to the generator report

So when we talk about the documentation site here, we mean the time it takes your therapist to enter that subjective information into their initial evaluation. With our portal in take these times are reduced to 25 and 5 Seconds. If you extrapolate this out 223 evaluations per month per provider, utilizing national average salaries for the pts and front desk receptionist

The value of the time saved comes out to roughly $109 per provider per month as we mentioned before we all know. This is a problem and we hope now to have an efficient solution for our customers. So now let’s pass this off to Hope who is going to walk you guys through a demo of the portal

Alright, so let’s take a moment here where we can actually see the portal in action and get an idea of what it’s going to look like for your clinic a few things to talk about right at the start here.  We’re firstly the portal is browser based which means that you can access it from any device with internet access without having to download any sort of a

Secondly, it’s also mobile compatible. So it’s going to play nicely and displayed beautifully no matter where you’re logging in whether that’s from a phone a tablet PC Mac doesn’t matter the portals going to play with all of them.  Secondly, there are a few different ways to access the portal first

You have the option to write in a URL to the portal on your website or even in a welcome email. Alternatively, you could also send an invitation to your patients individually, when you send an invitation you’re able to take information that is already existing in Thera office and upload it to the portal for the patient to review proof and expand upon you could have as much or as little information in the patient’s file when you send that invitation as you like, however, the minimum that you’ll need is going to be the first name last name

Email and the patient’s date of birth that way when the patient logs into the portal they’ll be able to verify their identity and get started with these forms.  Another thing that I want to show you is that you can log in and out of the portal. So as a patient if you get interrupted and you don’t have time to fill out as much as you think you do the portal will auto save and you’ll be able to log back in later and pick up where you left off

So now the patient is access the portal and they’re ready to actually log in the patients will be able to create their own username and password using their email address and should they forget their password this they will be able to reset it themselves from the portal clicking need to reset your password in the portal will trigger an email for the patient to again confirm their identity

Which will take the administrative burden off you as a clinic having the portal will not create an extra job for your front desk. It’ll just make things easier.  At this point the patient is logged in and they’re ready to get started with the portal. The first thing that they’re going to be prompted to fill out is patient information beginning with their demographics

Now this form can shift depending on what your front desk. Whether that’s shifting your social security number or including custom information field.  If the patients using the invitation for the portal the information that you have for them in TheraOffice will be pre-populated here. They’ll just proof and go all the information entered here is later going to be imported into the patient’s file

So this is where your front desk is going to shave off a ton of their data entry time

The second page that patients will encounter is going to be this insurance selection page where they can start entering all of their insurance information for their case for the convenience of the patient just like you see it in TheraOffice if the relation to ensure it is marked as self here the demographic information will pre-populate from the previous page making this page a snack to fill out

You’ll notice that the name for the insurance company is a text box here in the portal, but don’t worry. When you import this insurance information into your therapy office. Your staff will be able to ensure that the correct insurance from TheraOffice is selected. The goal here is to make this in process this process as intuitive as possible for your patience as well as ensure that the information they provide is accurate and reduce potential errors with the address for their claim

Of course, the reason why this matters is because all of this information directly Imports into the patient’s case again, your front desk is going to lock them.  Now that the bulk of the patients intake is taken care of. Let’s take a look at where the portal starts getting really cool on the third page your patients will actually start to fill out parts of their initial evaluation

Now we know what you’re thinking here therapist don’t do intake. But we all know that their apis are always trying to find a way to increase their efficiency and documentation, especially before you work with the patient. They’re going to know all of this background information better than you will as their therapist

So why not have them take advantage of some of that time to decrease data entry and give you more time to actually treat your patient.  Of course. This is not a static or a standard page either. It is completely dependent on your clinic and how you prefer to work with your patients. That means you’ll be able to choose the section subsections and even the labels here to make it more patient-friendly the possibilities for customization are practically endless and you’ll have lots of room for creativity

Whether that means you want to have patients entering their own medical history or medications, which are too big as time sucks in initial evaluation. Or any other question that you find patients are going to be better at providing for you. You can choose as many document types as you like for your portal and build out the forms for each accordingly

So whether that means that you’re going to be working with your PT your Pediatrics or your pelvic health patients, you’ll be able to build a form for each kind.  plus you can edit this form anytime within their. The customization is easy and intuitive so no custom form requests are required most importantly everything here will import directly into your therapist evaluations as a patient

The final page you’re going to fill out is this policy agreement page as a clinic you can add as many or as few as you like, and these are all able to be created on your own from within TheraOffice. You’ll notice that each policy has its own individual. I agree checkbox. Only once a patient has agreed to everything

Will they be able to sign this page? And if they don’t sign they won’t be able to submit this increasing the number of patients you have actually agreeing to each of your policies and decreasing the concerns that your front desk might have in making sure that each one has been accounted for. When a patient click finish here, it’s going to push all of their information out of the portal and into your clinics in Bound Q

This is a nearly instantaneous transfer designed for maximum security because Phi doesn’t sit on the portal website or outside your database. You can trust that all of the patients data will be safe.  The final page that your patients are going to encounter here is the home page which can be customized for your clinic

You can include any information you want here from a photo to two fields of information. You’ll see we’ve included hours and contact information in our portal. But these are completely up to you. You can decide to list out your location include a blurb about your treatment philosophies or anything you like

There’s plenty of opportunity to get creative here and build out a portal that makes sense for you.  You’ll also notice the news panel over on the right. This is an excellent way to broadcast information to all of your patients widely. It’s easily set up within Sarah office and easily changed.  And finally since this page is accessible to patients after they’ve submitted their registration

It’s also a great place to access the policies. They’ve signed within your clinic you’ll notice in the upper right hand corner. There is a view policies button where patients can see a pdf version of what they’ve agreed to and printed out for their own records that they like. What’s most important to point out here though is the security of this page

You’ll notice there’s no Phi here nor any way to reach it all the Phi was sent back to your database when the patient click finish making this page secure for your. Add a page that you can trust.  Now we’re going to turn over to TheraOffice to look more closely at how the portal is going to work for your staff

When a patient submits their registration on the portal the patient’s intake information becomes immediately available in the inbound queue.  When the staff highlights the patient’s name in the queue and select import the starts a 30-second import process. The first step for your staff is going to be to choose whether they like to create a new patient in TheraOffice or select an existing one to link their import to this gives you flexibility and control over your database helping you to prevent duplicate patients

Once the patient is selected you’ll choose whether you’d like to start a fresh new case or use an existing one.  What starts getting really interesting though is when you start actually seeing the information patients given. During the merge stage here, you’ll have the opportunity to review all the demographic and insurance information the patient build out in the portal as well as compare it to what’s already existing in TheraOffice

You’ll see the Sarah office information appears in the column on the left. Where’s the portal is in the column on the right?  You can make changes as necessary to this information that you want to import or you can use the toggles down the center of your screen. To choose which information you want to actually save meaning that if the patient gives you something in the portal that you don’t want to use you can move that toggle and select TheraOffice instead

This is also the point where you’ll choose the default facility for this patient and you can link their insurance company. Back to one that you have in TheraOffice this way. You don’t have to worry about the patient choosing the wrong listening for Blue Cross Blue Shield and sending their claims to the wrong address

Your front desk will always be able to make sure that things work exactly the way they’re supposed to and that’s all you need to import this patient that process just populated their patient information. The insurance is in their case and even started to fill out that patients. In addition an image note was just automatically created in the patient’s case that will let you see everything the patient filled out in the portal all in one place letter for letter

Even if you made changes during the import process or you chose to override with information from TheraOffice. It’ll all be accessible. Just that quick click away.  Now that your front desk staff process has been made easy and smooth. Let’s take a look at how the portal can change things for your providers as well

By cutting down data entry and their initial evaluations for the patient.  It’s when a patient is provided information from the portal the therapist will open their eval just like they normally do but as always they’ll decide whether they’d like to use a template to get started and after selecting or declining a template the provider will see this window pop up with all the information the patient provided for them

with a single click your provider can then choose import into. And all this information will appear in the correct fields of their note.  Remember the sections the patient fills out are selected by your clinic. So you’ll be able to choose how robust this information import will actually be but just imagine cutting down whole sections of your document to one click

Or if you prefer to manually enter the information you could also choose don’t import and this window will remain accessible for you to bring up to. As you populate the necessary information yourself. It’s going to be completely up to you or clinic your providers and how you like to work.  Work. So now that you’ve seen the portal and you know what to expect

Let’s see how we can actually get your clinic started and start saving tons of time.  I’m first let’s get a custom quote for your clinic. You’re going to visit there are portal and fill out a quick registration form. This form has no obligations and no commitments. It just lets us know that you’re ready to take the next step and learn more

As soon as you submit that form, our team is going to get started on assembling a quote for you as well as helping to answer any specific questions you have about the portal and how it’s going to fit into your practice.  Finally, if you choose will send you an agreement to sign then we’ll throw the confetti

Your therapy office patient portal is ready to go. Now we know the change even positive change can be tough for any business. So we’ve developed an implementation program for the portal to help move that print transition here. I’d like to turn the webinar back over to neck to tell you more about what that implementation process actually looks like

Awesome. Thanks. Hope so we’ll wrap up here with a few quick slides and implementation pricing and also the timeline over the next few months. And then finally we’ll do QA if you haven’t done so already make sure to get some questions or comments in to that Q&A panel and we will do our best to address them at the end

We have gotten a few in already, which is great. We’ll be addressing this first when we get to the end of the webinar. So I know I want to quickly touch on the process for implementing the patient portal into your clinic. We are all guilty of purchasing something that we then forget to actually use

I’ve got one of those Nest thermostats at home that has seen quite a few seasons stored away in my closet. The purchase was made with the best intentions, but. You get busy and then you never utilized that product to its fullest or in my case even finish setting it up. We do not want this to happen with anybody signing up for our patient portal

Once you sign up you’ll be assigned an implementation rotten that will hold your hand through each step their work with you on set up and take configuration and roll out until the portal is an established part of your intake process.  Here you see a quick breakdown of the steps involved in implementation

Set up is quick and is mostly done from our side intake configuration is critical. It is the process by which you decide what your intake is going to look like for your patience as hope showed in our demo. We really have the ability to shape this intake any way you see fit. So take advantage of this

Then you have the rollout of the portal possibly starting slow and then ramping up depending on your comfort level. The advantage here is that your ther office implementation rep will be with you each step of the way

The patient portal is a paid for service beyond your normal subscription fee when discussing internally on options for electronic intake and how we get that to our customers. It was really important that a few goals were achieved. It had to work for return patients. It had to map directly to feels within TheraOffice not just importing a PDF we needed signatures in there

We really wanted the opportunity to scale the authentication piece. In other ways. It needed to be customizable all of this pointed to a larger project that would mean an additional cost. We have reviewed similar intake portal options in the marketplace while also considering our own development ongoing costs associated with the portal and feel we have come to a very competitive price pricing for the portal will be on a monthly subscription basis

The first provider for any database will cost $50 per month with every subsequent provider costing $25 per month as ptas are not completing any intakes. There’ll be no recurring charge for physical therapy assistants.  And lastly our timeline over the next few months right now. You can visit that ther portal and sign up for the patient portal doing so does not commit, you know anything just let us know your interest will be contacting web customers first as the patient portal becomes available for web customers as of this coming Tuesday, like I mentioned before we’ll be rolling out slowly at first

In the second half of September will be starting the on-site beta process for the portal will be reaching out to customers that have already expressed interest to us in that process. And to those that submit their sign up. We currently expect the portal to be released for on-site customers in October though

The exact date with in October is still to be determined based on that beta process. Thank you again to everyone in attendance today hoping you found today’s webinar informative and will be signing up for the patient portal. If you want to inquire about more information regarding the portal, please feel free to compete the complete the form on the signup page again, nothing there is binding just letting us know you’re

Also on September 17th will be hosting another webinar dedicated to giving everyone an update on the rehab industry and the recent release of the of the proposed rule for the 2020 physician fee schedule will be going into some its details as well as cover the new PT aota modifiers that look to be on their way in 2020

Feel free to sign up for that webinar through slash webinars. So we’re now going to go through those questions and so make sure to get them submitted if you haven’t already. All right for our first question, someone asked if the social security number is going to be required in the portal

It is not when you are actually setting up the portal you’ll have the option on whether or not to make that field even visible for your patience. But even if it is visible, it is never required patients will be able to proceed without providing it. It will be nice and easy.  Easy. Alright next question for a non tech savvy patients will be able to place an iPad or something in a waiting room to assist them with entering the information we need

Yes. This is available through the browser. There might be some issues with getting the email signups and stuff like that done. We’re still working on some different options for there, but we should be able to get this deployed as an iPad in a kiosk for matter or something similar

Another customer asked in the import screen how you can identify the patient before you choose new or existing you will be able to see the patient’s name. So you should be able to link them that way if there’s another patient in your system who has the same name. Warning pops up just like it does when you create a new patient to indicate to you that there’s already one existing

Yeah, one more thing to add to that real quick on the development side. We actually built in a lot of background logic through that import screen so that when you’re going through it most of the decisions. And in every single step of that process should be made for you based off of our interpretation of it

So it’s one of those things that we’re excited about because we knew we had to make that import processes smooth as possible. So whether are a few steps involved in it, each of those steps should really just be kind of a review step and then you’re just next thing through it really easily. Show just should be pretty straightforward

Another question is does it pick the eval template or will it import to any template and it will import to any template? So that was that was another important part of this for us is that you had to be able to choose the template first. That was the first thing that needed to be done. And then you had to be able to import the information and and even if you have custom documentation

That’s still going to be fine because it’s actually your custom documentation that drives the the portal itself and the forms that get filled out. So no matter what your documentation is. This is going to work for you

Another customer asked how to schedule an appointment if the case hasn’t been created yet. I’ve assured answer for this is that you don’t typically if you have an appointment already scheduled and the patient is going to be filling out the portal. They are most likely going to be doing it through the invite email which is sent through the patient’s files to your able to do it

If they have a case you won’t have to put any information in that case ahead of time if you don’t like. But you will need to have a case in order to schedule it that said if you wanted to just schedule your patients normally and rather than send them those invite emails you could direct them to the URL and Link it back to that patient and the existing case without having any speed bumps in your way

It’ll just be a matter of nailing down the process that makes sense for your staff. All right. Next question. Can we added a medication list option? Yes, and this is actually I was on a call with a customer earlier today who attended the webinar on Tuesday. And the thing that they’re most excited about is that this is all based off of your custom documentation

So anything that you want to add in there. You have the option to so the example that they came up with that. They really wanted to make sure it was in there was something that indicates whether or not this was being done by proxy for somebody because they have a lot of elderly patients that they treat and sometimes those elderly patients will come in with you know, maybe their children somebody who is going to be taking the intake for them

So they needed to know the perspective of who this actually filled this out. Well we thought about it and. We don’t even need to make any development changes to this. They can just add that into their documentation. And then it becomes part of their intake process. So beyond just the medication list really anything you can think of that you want to be asking the patient at that intake you can get programmed into your documentation and have that flow into your intake

It’s one of the really exciting things about this product this product.  A question, which is related to that is how we will actually customize the portal for each individual clinical. When you first get started with the portal your implementation representative will walk through it with you getting everything set up and customize for your clinic

But in addition to that all of the controls for your portal are intuitive and located in administrator. So once it’s set up you will be able to go through and make those changes nice and easy yourself at any point. And of course customer support will be able to walk you through it as well. Okay

Another question we got is we get to notice beforehand that has been filled out. So it’s all going to come in through your inbound q and if you’re not using your inbound Q currently for faxing or for any of the other features of it this kind of another layer that’s on top of there. So, you know, definitely whoever’s part of your scheduling staff

They would want to keep track of that and down Q so that they can see any outside intakes. I’ve come. Another question if the patient is returning for services again, will the demographics autofill from the previous visit if you send the patient a portal in station email link the demographics will autofill from that patients patient information and they’ll be able to go through and make changes as necessary

But otherwise they will appear

Okay. Another question is what if the patient fills out the info and correctly for example, wrong insurance number or group number. This is obviously a challenge. It’s a challenge as part of any intake process and in some instances like an insurance number. We don’t have a limitation on that. What I will say is any of the field that we do know the exact number of characters that are that need to be in there or let’s say email address email address is one of them if it’s not in the format of an email address will

Prevent them from moving forward on it, you know if they type in a zip code and the zip code is six digits, we will reject it. And so we have certain controls in there on the field. We can expect insurance number group number and fortunately or one of those things that vary a lot. So less controls on those that said your front staff is able to see those numbers visually when they’re importing so you may be able to catch any errors that are happening there that way just as you would if they made an error in a paper format

Another question that we have is once you begin with the portal if a patient chooses not to use it. Would you be able to have them use the regular process? Absolutely, you will be able to decide when you want to use the portal versus when you don’t if there are some people who just choose to ignore your invitation not a big deal at all

You can always print your paper forms just like you always do and your staff will be able to enter it regularly. The portal will add features to your clinic, but it will never take them away

Another customer would like to know if it’s possible to test the portal on some dummy patients. Once it’s set up. Absolutely you can test the portal on any patients you like you’ll be able to test it at any point if you’d like to as long as you have an email to sign up for you’ll be able to use it

All right, we have another question on basically the difference between full time in the PRN providers. That’s something that we would definitely work out with you guys. Just you know, once you’re on the call with the person that’s creating the quote since they’ll be contacting you, you know, what kind of figure out the details of that similar to what we do with your regular TheraOffice subscription

Another question we’ve received from a couple different people is about the eval. The portal will not select the template those will be able to be selected by your providers. But you do have the option of having patients elect their different document types. So if you’re using your PT and your pelvic Health, you’ll be able to have them select the one that is relevant to them or if you send them an invitation email you can pre-select that for them

Can I question is can you put a question in the form that they have had therapy before for is related to Auto or work? Yes, and there’s actually multiple layers of the customizations you can do you can do them through the documentation or in this instance for these questions. You might want to do them as the custom forms or the sorry, the the custom Fields within the patient information

So if you add in a custom field that’s going to transfer over as part of the demographics part of the intake. Another question that we received is about the signatures if the patient’s home computer is not a touchscreen. This is an e-signature which means that they are able to type it in and the portal will record the exact time and the IP address of where they’ve signed it in states where an electronic signature does count as a signature

You should be good there. No touchscreen required

Does the image that get imported look like an intake form with company policies consent to treat and signatures? Yes. It does look like an intake form. It actually has the policies themselves on their one thing that was important to us was they the policies that the customer the patient signs off on is remains consistent, even if your policy had changed, so if you had somebody come in and 2019 signs off on this policy

And then in 2020 you change that policy while the copy that you see in the PDF that gets saved into TheraOffice is going to have the old policy on there because that’s what they signed off on at that time. One of our boys beta customers wrote in to check about the information that they’ve already entered in the portal for all of you beta customers listening not to worry, you will not lose any of your information and you should hear from me

If not today then tomorrow about how we’re going to go forward moving out of the beta process. 10 of the question customizing patient portal include specific Clinic logo versus the therapist logo. Yes. Definitely. I think the only thing from TheraOffice you will see is like in tiny text at the bottom of the screen where it says powered by hands on technology, I believe that’s it

So yeah, this is this is entirely your brand in every way what you guys get set up with it. In fact, the only reason why you see that fair office logo at all is just because it was what we had on hand for our test portal. But the big one at the top of the pages will be your logo and you’ll be able to add that right away before you even get started

David another question. Can you print the intake form? Yep, it’ll just be available as an image note within your documentation so you can always print at any point as well.  Another person inquired about whether the portal will have actual HIPAA policy. It will if you put it there, the portal doesn’t have any automatic fields in it

So you are able to customize it so that it only includes exactly what you’d like, which means that if you want that HIPAA policy in their copy paste. Alright. So another question we got is will there be a hard stop to prevent clinics from rushing through data entry and having incomplete Fields. So this is something we talked about internally a lot and there are some fields that we do have heart stops on in terms of mandatory fields that you must fill out going back mostly in the demographics area of the the documentation now that being said, We didn’t want to do was create too many hard stops within the document within the intake that

Prevent the patient from filling out as much information as you could so we did take the approach of less heart stops on the intake because you can always supplement that information with new information. Once the patient is actually in your front desk. So they fill out online you important to documentation

If you still have a few Fields missing you can catch those through like the missing fields. Vital you can catch it through the intake validator. There are certain ways of catching that information. We didn’t want to do was you know, say require certain information on step two and then scare the patient off and then they don’t complete step three or four or five

So there are there there were a little bit lakhs on that in some of the areas and some others. We do have some heart stops. That should help. Another great question that we’ve received is about the estimated amount of time needed to customize the portal and the intake questions while we don’t have an official estimated time

I will say that when we’ve been doing it with beta customers. It ranges from anywhere to 20 minutes if they know exactly what they want to 45 minutes if we kind of have to talk through it and figure out what I’ll be relevant to you. Either way, it is very quick and easy and your implementation rep will walk through all of that with you when you first get set up

No question the first import screen. Does it Nate Does it show the names of the patients? I think we were talking about this before maybe we need to add a little extra Clarity to it. So then between choosing new and existing. So what we actually did on that import screen was if the existing patient

Was sent a portal link from TheraOffice when they complete it. We know that that was completed from an existing patient within TheraOffice and will automatically Force the link between those two and choose existing for you and choose the correct patient. If that link does not inherently exist in the intake that they’ve completed then we will review the existing database for any patients with a similar name and the same birthday and if we find any patients that we think

Match that we will use the I believe a third option for an existing one that we think is potentially there based off of multiple entries. So there’s a logic lot of logic built in there that we’re pretty confident that you’re going to be able to go through that screen and it’s going to pick the right option for you without you having to put much thought into it

Another question we’ve received is whether there is a link to directly email the clinic for additional questions or whether they have to do this outside the. Yes, there is a little help button all the way through the portal no matter which page you’re on that your clinic will be able to customize with the text that you want to whether that’s a phone number or an email to the clinic to get that assistance, but it’ll be available to your patients all the way through and it’s only with you specify

And I think that’s all the time that we have for questions today, but we are going to try to answer any questions that we didn’t answer live individually. So at this point if you want to take a second to submit any last questions will make sure that you get reached out to and we take care of everything

Alright, sounds good. Thank you everybody and have a great day. Thank you.


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