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Understand Your Practice

If you can't measure it,
you can't improve it.

Making decisions without supporting evidence can lead to poor judgment and negative consequences. TheraOffice Reporting will give your organization over 173 pre-built reports to help make informed decisions. If that isn’t enough, you have the ability to create your own reports or use our professional services to create new reports for your practice. We have built over 1,500 custom reports over the years to give our clients the data visualizations they need.

Information at
your fingertips.

TheraOffice Reporting is a comprehensive reporting platform that allows for summary, detailed, and drill-down reports. Key indicator reports also contain easy-to-read graphs and charts for a simplified view of your clinic's universe. Reports can be printed, exported, favorited, and customized. We understand everyone looks at data a little differently. With that in mind, our reporting capabilities were designed with flexibility at the forefront.



Key Performance

Visualize Your Data

TheraOffice practice management reports allow for drill-down, graphing, and chart-capable reports. Simple input criterion allows reports to generate quickly and efficiently. You can also have multiple reports open at the same time to bounce back and forth through your key metrics.

Unique Needs

We get it, everyone wants something a little different in reporting, and that is fantastic. We have never been in two clinics that operate the exact same way, even in large chains. Why not have the best for your world? Embrace the unique variations in single clinic business or across the whole enterprise. In a race, everyone walks or jogs a little different, but the goal is still the finish line.

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Growing your PT Practice with KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essentially snapshots of how your clinic is doing from a business perspective. KPIs are handy for gathering your clinic’s most important data and understanding your operations on a macro scale. In a rehabilitation setting, these KPIs could include vital information such as the volume of your visits over time, the amount of money brought in by your payers, and even your payer mix and patient population.

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