TheraOffice v20 Update

TheraOffice's Spring Update is here! Check out all of our new features.

Good riddance 2020, Hello .20!

              The TheraOffice Early 2021 Update (v20) is the one you have been waiting for. This update is one of our most exciting yet, including everything you need to prepare for the new MIPS reporting year, exciting new features for both Web and On-Site users, additional Patient Portal features, and several bug fixes and improvements.

Major Features: 

Upgraded Authentication* 

The above image shows the new TheraOffice Web login screen with upgraded authentication. 

One of the largest and most exciting new features in the rollout is our new TheraOffice Authentication, which steps up your security and convenience. The switch to this new authentication system includes several significant features, including: 

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)*

The addition of two-factor authentication, using the authentication app of your choice, allows you to heighten security by adding an additional measure of identity protection. With 2FA enabled, you will be prompted to enter a code each time you enter your password to confirm your identity as the correct user.  

  • Reset your own user password* 

No more contacting your administrator when you need your password reset! The upgraded authentication allows all staff members to reset their own passwords using the email specified in their staff profile. 

  • Increase time before automatic time-out* 

With 2FA enabled, TheraOffice Web users will be able to extend the length of allowed inactivity before automatic time-out from the previous maximum of 30 minutes to 60 minutes.  

2021 MIPS Wizard 

As in previous years, MIPS participation will be logged using the MIPS Wizard, which has been simplified and improved for 2021. It is extremely important that the MIPS Wizard be run AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after updating to the new version, as this ensures your MIPS data is recorded and counted. The wizard can only be accessed by administrators. 

TheraOffice PE Stats Screen* 

Tracking your TheraOffice PE usage and stats has never been easier with the addition of new TheraOffice PE stats screen. Track usage and ROI for the Schedule Optimizer, Check-In Automator, and Telehealth. Available stats include the number of appointments booked by the Schedule Optimizer, copays collected and processed by your Check-In Automator, and successful appointments completed by telehealth–and more! 

TheraOffice PE Schedule Optimizer* 

Previously introduced for beta, the Schedule Optimizer is now available for wide release. The Schedule Optimizer is a further extension of the traditional waitlist which allows patients to book their own appointments when the times they would like become available. This is an add-on feature which is available only to web users. 

Claims Attachments

If your insurances, such as Workers’ Comp require copies of notes attached to your claims, you can now export these as zip files in the Batch Manager. 

Additional Features: 

Patient Aliases on the Schedule 

Patients’ legal names may not always be their preferred names, which can potentially make managing your schedule awkward. To help smooth these interactions and make accessing patient aliases easier, TheraOffice now has a setting which enables you to display patient aliases directly on the patient’s appointment on the schedule. Choose from 3 formats in TheraOffice Administrator’s Application Settings, including: Last Name, First NameLast Name, Alias/First Name, and Last Name, First Name (Alias).  

Save Hide Cancel/No Show Option on the schedule 

The ability to hide cancelled and no-showed appointments has always been an option on the schedule, but your preferred setting needed to be changed each time you logged in to the software. This settings will now save from the previous session, streamlining your workflow. 

Windows 7 Discontinuation Notice 

Windows 7 has reached the end of life from Microsoft and therefore TheraOffice will no longer be able to support installations on Windows 7.  To prevent any potential issues, all users who log in to TheraOffice using a Windows 7 machine will now receive a warning notification. We recommend upgrading as soon as possible. To learn more, please click here. 

New Patient Portal Features: 

Policy Groups 

Since insurances have different requirements, we understand that sometimes, your clinic’s policies can vary from carrier to carrier. Now, your TheraOffice Patient Portal can accommodate those variations with the addition to set groups of policies by insurance. 

Only Activated Portal Document Types on the Invite List 

Only Document Types which have been enabled in the portal will show up as available documents when sending a Patient Portal Invite Email. 

Other Notable Changes And Fixes:

Learn more details about the update and view the full list of changes: Early 2021 Release Notes – TheraOffice

* Indicates a TheraOffice Web only feature

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