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Tools to Supercharge Your Clinic’s Efficiency  


Your front office is more than a desk and a schedule: it’s where your patients’ first impressions are made and meaningful experiences are created. The TheraOffice Schedule improves the front office so you can run your clinic efficiently and maintain positive patient experiences.   

Views: Convenientcustomized views enable you to see daily schedules in the way that makes sense to you: color coding, resource grouping, patient icons, personalized intervals, and intuitive settings.  

Accessibility: Every tool you need is within the schedule, whether you are creating and verifying a new patient, processing copayments, or scheduling a series of appointments according to a new plan of care. 

Convenience: Download our free app ScheduleVIBE to review your day anytime, anywhere.  


We include specifically designed tools to reduce your documentation time by up to 80%, without sacrificing compliance.  

Personalized templates: Choose from 30 templates in TheraOffice to pre-populate notes in your preferred style. Or create a custom template for 100% contol over documentation.  

One-click common phrases:  Create clear, descriptive text with one click, then save your customized common phrases throughout your note.  

Easy-access dropdown menus: Each table in documentation includes basic dropdowns and the option to customize dropdowns 

Learn more about how TheraOffice maximizes documentation efficiency with this webinar 


Managing your revenue cycle shouldn’t be painful. Our streamlined process can help you save time, reduce mistakes, and get paid faster 

Intuitive billing actions: You don’t need to be an accounting expert to process your billing. Our system can walk you through from day one, whether you’re billing to an insurance, resubmitting a denial, sending a statement to the patient, or aging the visits.  

Never miss another claim: Enjoy three builtin layers of scrubs: an intake validator to flag any missing information before the claim is billed; a visit check organizer that captures what needs to be done to ensure payment, and another layer of protection with charge and diagnosis checking. 

Seamless clearinghouse processes: The billing and payment application process is easy when you use one of our clearinghouse integrations. Batch claims in less than one minute, and download and apply insurance ERAs in only four clicks.