TheraOffice v10 Update

Software Update

What's new in
the .10 update?

Our latest software update lays the groundwork for larger feature developments in the future. While this iteration of TheraOffice has many fixes and improvements, the majority of them are contained within the background architecture of your database. As a result, they are not going to be blatantly noticeable right off the bat. Our goal for this update was to improve overall stability and functionality. In terms of notable feature additions, we have included a few in the list below…

Added the ability to place facilities into different divisions.

Added the ability to create a batch per division.

Added a feature to clean up tasks that are created by the auto task engine after 2 years.

Added a new feature to allow users to only have access to open the schedule for certain facilities.

Worked on various areas of the software to accommodate for 800x600 screen sizes.

To view the full change list, CLICK HERE.

How to download
the latest update?

If you do not have access to the newest version of the software yet, please contact your system administrator and inform them to follow the steps outlined in this guide or view our recorded training video demonstrating how to properly roll out new TheraOffice updates.

Any questions?
Contact our support department at (630) 455-1863 x2.

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