TheraOffice v11 Update

Software Update

What's new in
the v11 update?

New Patient Information Screen

Revamped the patient information window to remove all tabs and display all fields by just scrolling.

Real-Time Spell Check

Added spell check capabilities to the Document Editor in Documentation.

Cleaner Document Editor Interface

Updated the editors in the document editor to take up less vertical space.  Many toolbars were moved to the right and incorporated into the group boxes.

Drag-and-Drop Rows

Added the ability to move rows up and down in grids in the document editor by dragging and dropping.

Facility Column Added

In the Pending Documents Widget, the Facility column was added.

Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Wizard

TheraOffice was accepted by Medicare to be a certified MIPS registry for 2019. We built a MIPS configuration Wizard into TheraOffice Administrator that walks you through the necessary changes required to participate in MIPS within TheraOffice.

BMI Measure Added

Added the BMI MIPS Measure.

Medication History Updated

Added additional columns to Medication History for MIPS measures.

Functional Testing Update for MIPS

Added MIPs measures to the Functional Testing section.

Charges Section Update for MIPS

Added the MIPS charges area to the Charges section.

TheraOffice Patient Portal (Preview in TheraOffice Web)

The TheraOffice Patient Portal is in private preview currently for TheraOffice Web. Public preview of the TheraOffice Patient Portal will begin in early 2019 first for TheraOffice Web users, then eventually TheraOffice On-Site users. Added the Patient Portal Administrator to TheraOffice Administrator.

Patient Portal Import Function

Added importing patients from the TheraOffice Patient Portal into the inbound queue.

Subjective Data Import Function

Added the portal data import screen to the document editor to import the subjective sections in the initial evaluation that were populated by the patient into the initial evaluation.

Patient Portal Invitations

Added the patient portal tab to the top of the patient information window for inviting the patient to the portal and re-sending them to the portal on future cases.

How to download
the latest update?

If you do not have access to the newest version of the software yet, please contact your system administrator and inform them to follow the steps outlined in this guide or view our recorded training video demonstrating how to properly roll out new TheraOffice updates.

Any questions?
Contact our support department at (630) 455-1863 x2.

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