TheraOffice v13 Update

Software Update

What's new in
the v13 update?

Our latest software update adds functionality for the two newest MIPS measures, Falls and Diabetes. Additionally, a number of system fixes have been implemented as well.

IMPORTANT: In order to add the Falls or Diabetes measures, the .13 update is required. If your clinic has already run the MIPS Configuration Wizard, you will need to contact support to add the new measures manually.

Notable Feature Changes

  • Added two new MIPS measures to the system: Falls & Diabetes
  • Added ability to enable/disable specific MIPS measure requirements in the MIPS participation screen for providers
  • In the Document Editor, pressing the “ENTER” key while in a grid will now move to the next row of the grid instead of the next column

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing text to be deleted from grids within the Document Editor when typing multiple lines into one cell
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Evaluation Complexity Wizard to default to Low Complexity after answering the first question
  • Fixed an issue causing the No Show appointments to show on the schedule when “Hide Canceled, Rescheduled, & No Shows” was enabled (Web only)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented borders from being added to grids within the word processor (Web only)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Appointment Reminder emails to be sent with the incorrect date in body of email (Web only)
  • Fixed an issue where the drop downs within grids would become unlinked if the interface was saved in the Documentation Designer

How to download
the latest update?

If you do not have access to the newest version of the software yet, please contact your system administrator and inform them to follow the steps outlined in this guide or view our recorded training video demonstrating how to properly roll out new TheraOffice updates.

Any questions?
Contact our support department at (630) 455-1863 x2.

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