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in a Moving Practice

Mobile apps for
a mobile world.

TheraOffice has a handful of practice management mobile apps to increase productivity for your staff and patients alike. Our mobile apps take advantage of the same technology behind Apple iOS and Windows Universal Apps to help improve your on-the-go experience in a moving practice.

with a purpose.

TheraOffice believes that apps should have specific uses for specific needs. A therapist that needs to quickly glance at their schedule throughout the day, a patient that needs to fill out a pain scale, and a therapist that would like to use a small, lightweight tablet for their documentation.




Thoughtful Design

Patient intake technology has been slow on the uptake, mainly because many of the early systems on the market were simply forms converted to some type of digital format. An application like FunctionVibe is designed with simple workflow as well as large selection buttons and controls that improve data entry for any user.

The most adaptable EMR in the rehabilitation space.

Compliant. Easy to Implement. Unparalleled Support.

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