Why You Should Still Be Engaging With Patients During the COVID Crisis

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Now more than ever...

              Managing a clinic in a time of crisis can feel a bit like a game of Whack-A-Mole. Just when you think you have one emergency under control, another situation pops up in a different spot. It can be easy to get so lost in the struggle to keep things together that pursuits which are not emergencies become “just another thing” on the to-do list that never gets done.

              However, patient engagement is one area you shouldn’t let slip, particularly in a time of crisis. Fundamentally, patient engagement is getting patients involved and invested in their own care. Patient engagement has been proven to lead to better patient outcomes and a higher satisfaction with the care they receive. While this sounds like the dream for all patient-oriented therapists, genuine engagement can be difficult to foster. And, particularly when your time and energy are already stretched thin, it can be hard to make engagement a priority, since there often isn’t immediate gratification. Regardless, true engagement with your patients is more worth the effort now than ever before.

              This is because patients who are truly engaged with their own care are:

  1. More motivated to pursue alternative methods of care if in-person care is interrupted.
  2. Less likely to get burned out and more likely to comply with their plan of care, even if the course doesn’t look like what they envisioned at the outset.
  3. Invested in showing up to their appointments and maximizing their time with the therapist, cutting your no-show and late cancel rates.
  4. More likely to spread the word of your excellent care, raising patient referrals and positive reviews.

              Thus, deeply engaging your patients is not just a smart move from a care perspective, but also as a strategic business decision.

              Fortunately, though deeply engaging patients can be a challenge, once your clinic has made it a priority, setting up an engagement engine becomes a matter of arming yourself with the right tools (check out our patient engagement Recovery Pack bundle today!). One key to help patients engage with your practice is to remove as many barriers as possible to their access. When an experience is as smooth and seamless as possible for patients, you facilitate an association with only the pleasant, helpful care they are receiving, rather than with paperwork or logistical hurdles which tend to get in the way of a patient’s engagement. Another means to foster deeper engagement is to offer tools to your patients which allow them to make the decisions that drive their own experiences. Just as you might have a consultation with a patient before performing a physical exam, your clinic can present options to patients starting with their evaluation to create an experience which is customized to the patients’ preferences and comfort levels.

              When it comes to patient engagement, the energy investment is well worth the pay off you’ll see reflected in your patients and your business. The game of Whack-A-Mole is temporary, but patient engagement will benefit you even after your moles have been tamed.

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