MetroFax & MyFax Integration Discontinuation

What does this mean
for my clinic?

              While you will be able to continue using your MetroFax/MyFax service, the end of the integration means that we will no longer be able to develop fixes if anything goes wrong within the integration. Consequently, if any problems come up with the faxing system, our Support department will not be able to assist in getting issues with your MetroFax/MyFax resolved. However, if you like your existing service and it is working well for your clinic, you are welcome to continue using it.

              Please be advised, upgrading or changing your MetroFax/MyFax account may result in an interruption of service, as TheraOffice does not support this integration. If you have any questions, please contact TheraOffice customer support.


              MetroFax and MyFax were acquired by another company, J2 Global. We no longer have any contacts with or connection to J2 Global. 

What are my options going forward?

              If you are happy with your MetroFax/MyFax service: No further action is required! However, we must remind you that if anything goes wrong with your service and/or the integration, we are unable to troubleshoot these issues going forward.

              If you would like to change services, but would like to keep your original number: Contact TheraOffice support—we may be able to port your number. When a number is ported, TheraOffice Fax purchases that fax number from the previous carrier for you to continue using. Since TheraOffice Fax now owns the number, your faxes will run entirely through TheraOffice and will no longer go through an online portal or analog fax machine at all.

              The ability to port a number is not guaranteed, however. We are only able to port numbers when the original service is willing to port the number to us. If this is the case, a member of our fax team will call the clinic to go over options before proceeding.

              If you would like to change services as quickly as possible: Contact TheraOffice support—we can get you signed up for a toll-free number with TheraOffice fax. Typically, this process can be completed within 24 hours.

              If you would like to change services, but want a local number: Contact TheraOffice support—we can get you signed up for a new number with local area code through TheraOffice Fax. Typically, this process takes about two weeks.

              If you would like to change services, but also want to fax outside of TheraOffice: We also have an integration with InterFax available. You can log in to an InterFax portal online and fax through there, as well as directly within TheraOffice.

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