We at TheraOffice pride ourselves on keeping customers up-to-date on all the latest news surrounding the rehabilitation industry. Heading into 2019, MIPS will be a primary focus for most practices around the nation.

This landing page will serve as a one-stop shop for everything and anything MIPS. Be on the lookout for blog articles, webinars, and newsletters highlighting all available information regarding the program and how it will take shape within TheraOffice.

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TheraOffice Registry!

We are happy to announce that we have submitted our official nomination to be a MIPS Qualified Registry for the 2019 Reporting Year. Pricing and further details will be released shortly. We look forward to being your go-to resource for all things MIPS! To submit registration information, please click HERE!


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Do You Have to Participate in MIPS?

Exempt Participation

  • Providers that submit Institutional claims to Medicare.
  • New providers that are enrolling into Medicare for the first time in 2019.
  • Providers who participate in an Advanced Payment Model.
  • PTs and OTs that do not meet any of the Determination Period thresholds.

Optional Participation

  • PTs, OTs, and SLPs that meet one or two of the Determination Period thresholds.

Required Participation

  • PTs, OTs, and SLPs that meet all three of the Determination Period thresholds.

What Are Your Submission Options?


  • ONLY available to Small Practices (15 or less providers).
  • Requires that you perform the Quality measures on only Medicare patients.
  • No cost to submitting this way.
  • Outcome measures not available.


  • Requires that you perform the Quality measures on ALL patients.
  • Requires an annual fee.
  • All measures are available.

Individual vs. Group?

Submitting as Individuals vs. Group is completely your choice and is based on whether or not you want certain providers to participate vs. your entire company.


  • Payment Adjustments are made to each individual NPI/TIN combination.
  • Good option for companies that are looking to test the water with MIPS instead of full participation.


  • Payment Adjustments are made to the full TIN based on an aggregate score of all NPIs submitted under that TIN.
  • Good option for companies looking for full participation.

MIPS Wizard & the Point of No Return...

Navigating Through TheraOffice's MIPS Wizard in the .11 Version

  • After downloading the update, you will start to receive a popup at login telling you that you need to run the MIPS wizard.
  • Doing so will require that all other users also download the update.
  • The MIPS wizard must be run by January 1st, but should not be run until you are ready for all users to download the update.
  • NOTE: If you are an on-site customer that is planning on doing claims-based MIPS submission AND you have custom documentation, please contact support.

MIPS Provider Participation

Allows users to include providers in MIPS after they have completed the MIPS configuration wizard.

  • Users will complete the MIPS configuration wizard and then proceed to add their desired providers to the MIPS participation selection screen.
  • Adding providers to this MIPS participation screen will require those providers to report on MIPS measures within TheraOffice for the designated reporting year.

Adding new providers throughout the year is simple.

  • Once you add a new provider into your system, a window will populate asking whether or not that provider will be participating in MIPS.
  • If the new provider is not pariticpating in MIPS, simply select "No". If the new provider is participating, select "Yes" and the MIPS Participation screen will populate.
  • From there, add the new provider that will be participating in MIPS and the system will require them to report MIPS measures for the designated year.